Adventures In Vacationing – Ziplining In Hawaii

by admin on October 10, 2014

ziplining in hawaii

If you’re vacationing in Hawaii and looking for adventure, nothing is more exciting or exhilarating than taking a zipline tour. Many people enjoy “spicing up” their vacation with something a little adventurous or challenging, especially those who are younger. Maybe you’ve heard of zipline tours, but don’t really know much about them, and whether it’s the type of adventure you’re looking for. Here’s a little more info to help you decide if this is your kind of “excellent adventure!”

First of all, what is it? If you’re the type who likes the idea of flying across the top of the jungle, a zipline tour is definitely for you. Essentially, most tours range in height from about 20 feet off the ground to about 80 feet off the ground – now THAT’s more like it! After donning a harness that is attached to the wheel by a carabiner to a cable running between trees, you simply go from one platform to another. In between platforms, you are literally flying through the air, where you can enjoy breath-taking scenery and a view that normally only the birds get!

Don’t worry – if you’ve never taken a zipline tour in Kauai or anywhere else before, you will be given a little basic training and “how-to” tips before you fly off into the wild blue yonder. Our top priority is to help make you feel safe and secure, so that you can enjoy an awesome adventure.

Common sense stuff. Do you wear glasses? If so, you will want to use a strap to make sure they stay secured. Hiking boots, gym shoes, and long pants are a good idea to protect your legs and feet from any scrapes or scratches. Avoid pocket knives, ink pens, keys, or other sharp objects in your pockets.

Do you need to be a conditioned athlete to take a zipline tour? Absolutely not – but depending on the tour you choose, you may need to be in fairly good physical condition. Some tours are shorter and less strenuous, while others are longer and more strenuous. Also, if you’re seriously afraid of heights, you will probably want to stay on the ground while the rest of your group enjoys a tour.

At Just Live! our goal is to make ziplining in Hawaii fun, safe, and as exciting as possible. When you want to fly through the sky, you want to do it in a way that’s more “up-close and personal” than on an airplane! Visit us for a ‘most excellent’ adventure if your vacationing in Hawaii.

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