Backyard Ziplines vs. Commercial Ziplines in Kauai

by admin on October 23, 2015

ziplines in kauai

There are lots of activities you can participate in in your own backyard, such as badminton, football, softball, tennis, or other activities depending on the size of your yard. Today, there are many people in Kauai and across the nation who put up backyard ziplines, but is the experience anywhere near what you enjoy at a commercial facility – and most importantly, is it safe?

Statistically, commercial zipline tours are far more safe than most of the outdoor activities children engage in, which should be comforting. However, many parents have decided to build ziplines in their own backyards in an effort to provide their children (and neighbors) with a fun and exciting activity. Homemade or backyard ziplines are often involved in the injuries that make news headlines, so should you consider installing one in your own backyard? Probably not, if you want to ensure your children or anyone else is not seriously injured.

A zipline that’s safe for all who participate requires expert, professional installation. One issue with backyard ziplines is the strength of trees, and whether branches may be dead or weak. The day after Christmas in 2013, a 10-year-old boy was struck by a tree that snapped. Although he wasn’t high off the ground, he sustained extensive injuries and was in critical condition and in a medically induced coma. This is one example of the risks of building a backyard zipline.

The ziplines you or your children ride should be regulated and approved by ASTM or ACCT. Essentially, this means the equipment and its installation have been approved for safety. While there have been deaths reported on commercial ziplines over the years, this is extremely rare – in fact, far more rare than the accidents and deaths resulting from ziplines installed in backyards. Is taking a zipline tour in Kauai really safe? Absolutely. In terms of statistics, you are safer riding a zipline than when playing a game of golf or riding in a car!

At Just Live!, taking any one of our eco-based zipline tours is extremely safe. Our guides are extensively trained, our equipment maintained on a daily basis, and safety equipment such as helmets and harnesses provided. Safety is top priority; we adhere to the strictest safety standard. As far as backyard ziplines are concerned, you can search online and find all kinds of accidents that have occurred, some resulting in serious injury.

Peace of mind, fun, and adventure are what we offer at Just Live! You can ride our ziplines in Kauai with confidence, and not have a worry in the world when it comes to equipment, experienced guides, maintenance, and thorough preparation before your adventurous journey begins! Whether you’re vacationing or live on the island, have the most fun you’ve ever had in your life, and challenge yourself.

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