The staff at our Kauai zipline tours facility understand those who have never ridden a zipline before may be a bit apprehensive; after all, it isn’t often you soar through the air, unless you’re in an airplane! If you’re headed to any Hawaiian destination, no doubt, you’re ready to enjoy the beaches and tropical surroundings, but there’s lots more to experience, whether your destination is Kauai or any of the islands. In fact, every major island in the state has a zipline course! This is because it’s one of the most popular things to do among travelers who want to experience a little rush, while enjoying the magical views of their surroundings from high above.

As a first-timer, once you take the plunge, the trepidation will be replaced by thrills, excitement, and fun!

While a Kauai zipline adventure is certainly thrilling, your safety is never in jeopardy. This is one of the most important things for tourists to understand. To help put those fears out of your mind, know that, once you’re strapped in to your safety harness and ready to go, all courses are engineered with your safety in mind. State-of-the-art mechanics, highly trained guides, and equipment that’s vigorously maintained every day and adheres to standards set forth by The Association for Challenge Course Technology, ensure your safety. All you need to do is have a blast!

Ziplining is exciting, but be sure to drink in the spectacular surroundings! Because ours is a treetop-based course, you’ll want to be sure to take a look around at the awesome 200 foot tall Norfolk pine trees and the nature that surrounds you! With aerial viewing platforms and canopy bridges that reach heights of up to 80+ feet, you’ll have an amazing time snapping pics your friends and family back home will be envious of.

Is ziplining for you? If you’re eager to experience new thrills and have the time of your life, it is, as long as you aren’t pregnant and meet a few other requirements. If you’re generally healthy and meet age/weight requirements, you’re a perfect candidate for what many consider the most thrilling adventure of all.

Ready to take the leap? Slip on some comfy clothes (nothing too loose or baggy) and closed-toed shoes, tie your hair back if it’s long, and you’re pretty much ready. If you’re headed to our beautiful island in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our Kauai zipline tours; a main attraction for those who love nothing better than an exciting new challenge!


corporate team building

Your company can gain a competitive edge through team building activities – and you may not realize how important it actually is for your success! While we recommend our Kauai zipline adventures for team building, there are lots of other great things you can do to help your staff or employees form important personal bonds. When employees have close friends in the workplace, or even a best friend, satisfaction levels soar. Satisfied employees are more productive, and far more likely to contribute to the success of your company! Here are a few corporate team building activities you may want to consider.

Riding go-karts. A little healthy competition is good for employees, and what’s more fun than racing go-karts? Fun, laughter – and for some, going back to being a kid again.

Taking a hike (and a much-needed break from the indoors). You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day. Get all your workers together and take a hike for an hour or two, whether you hike through the woods, a park, or other area where nature abounds. How about taking along a bag lunch and having a picnic along the way? Employees will bond with one another and they will love getting out of the office!

Whether it’s getting together and participating in a little Karaoke after work or going out for breakfast together before the workday gets started, it’s all about doing things outside of the workplace that promotes engagement and socializing amongst workers.

At Just Live, we offer a wide array of challenge courses (difficult and easy), along with zipline tours and other adventures perfect for corporate team building. Learn more about our Kauai zipline tours and other activities by contacting us today or browsing our website.


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