ziplining in kauai

Cruise ship passengers love the fact that they can enjoy ziplining in Kauai as soon as they disembark from the cruise ship! One unique thing those who go on a cruise enjoy about docking at Kauai is that there’s much more to do than simply sit on the dock. Spending time on land is often as enjoyable as the cruise itself, especially when there’s so much to see and do.

From dining and surf lessons to exploring the breathtaking waterfalls, you’ll want to explore the Lihue area. While some activities and adventures require that you take a car or shuttle, our eco-based zipline tour check-in location is within walking distance of the dock. Simply check in at our store in the Nawiliwili Harbor area, then ride a shuttle the few short miles to our beautiful zipline course, the only tree-top experience on the island and one in which you’ll never touch the ground until the tour is complete!

The Disney Wonder, Aurora, Ocean Princess, and Carnival Miracle are just a few of the cruise ships that frequently dock on Kauai. Why sit around when you can enjoy a morning or afternoon packed with a thrilling, fun adventure? We have three tours to choose from, depending on your available time and budget. Our Zipline Eco-Adventure is the most challenging and exciting, a 4 1/2 hour experience that includes not only ziplining but a rappelling tower, rock climbing wall, monster swing, and more. If you’re all about adventure and trying new things, this is the zipline tour you’ll want to take!

We enjoy the fun and entertainment we have the opportunity to provide to cruise ship passengers because of our close proximity to the dock. Browse our outdoor gear store where you’ll find all kinds of neat things, then head out for the most fun and excitement you’ve had in years! If your cruise ship is docking at Kauai, be sure to come take one of our eco-based zipline treetop tours!


vacationing in kauai

We know Memorial Day is still 10 or 11 weeks away, but if you’re planning a trip to Kauai you’ve probably already begun booking accommodations and taking care of other details. Be sure to put a Kauai zipline tour on your list of things to do!

It’s always a good idea to plan well in advance, especially if you’re vacationing in Kauai around a holiday or at a time of year when lots of others are headed out for the destination of their dreams. Lots of people take a week’s vacation when a holiday falls on a Monday, as this extends their time off by one more precious day. Whether you intend to camp or stay in a condo, hotel, or other vacation rental, the time to secure your spot is now! Wait until two or three weeks before your vacation, and you may be disappointed when you learn hotels, condos, and beach houses are all booked up.

Once you’ve taken care of your flight and other pertinent details, it’s time to start considering all of the fun activities you’ll want to take part in once you arrive! Sure you’ll want to lay on the beach and soak up the sun, but there’s so much to see and do on our beautiful island. Whether you’ve taken several zipline tours or never ridden a zipline in your life, it’s an adventure like no other!

We offer several Kauai zipline tours depending on your available time and how much adventure you’re looking for. For instance, our “quickie” tour is the Wikiwiki, one that lasts about 2 1/2 hours and includes three ziplines and two canopy bridges. Our most popular tour is the Zipline Eco-Adventure, where you and your family or friends will have a great time ziplining, rappelling, climbing the rock wall, riding the monster swing, and more. Challenging, adventurous, breathtaking, adrenalin pumping, but most of all FUN!!

If you’re headed to Kauai around the Memorial Day holiday (or any time, for that matter) don’t forget to visit Just Live! Our zipline tours are the only treetop based adventure on the island, and you deserve only the best. Have a great time, while creating some of your best memories!


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