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by admin on June 29, 2013

Kalalau Trail on Kauai’s spectacular Napali Coast

Kauai has many amazing places to camp.  There are a variety of Kauai County Beach Parks and Hawaii State Parks to camp at on Kauai.  From oceanfront camp sites and big forest camping to the world famous Napali Coast, Kauai has it all.  And Just Live! Zipline Tours & Outdoor Gear Store has excellent quality gear at great prices.  Tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, camping stoves, fuel, cookware, backpacks, rain jackets, lanterns, H2O filters, sleeping pads, camping chairs, etc…  We can outfit the minimalist journeying into Kalalau or adventurers looking to camp at a beach park.  BUY or RENT our gear.

Some of our favorite camping is up in Kokee State Park & Waimea Canyon.  At 5000 feet elevation it gets chilly at night (40’s & 50’s) so pack accordingly.  Choose to pitch a site in a beautiful yellow ginger field or near a vast green lawn with towering pines; both near the Kokee Museum and Lodge.  These sites are close to restrooms with showers and a large sink for washing.  These sites also have picnic tables.   Or choose to journey in down the Camp 10 road to the amazing Sugi Grove Pine forest or Kawaikoi campground.  These sites are more rustic with composting toilet and no other restrooms, showers or sinks.  But amazing place to camp none the less for the more adventurous folks.  There are NO open fires allowed anywhere in the park, but when we called and asked about that we were told you could have small fires for cooking only.

Looking for oceanfront camping?  Check out Polihale State Park on Kauai’s west side.  With miles of white sandy beaches and the start of the beautiful Napali Coast as the back drop, this place is very special.  Probably the best sunsets on the island!  Camp on and in the unique sand dunes.  Most camp sites are near restrooms with outdoor showers.  There are some picnic tables around but not many.  The nights are magnificent but the days can get very hot so pack accordingly and bring plenty of water.  Go barefoot on the beach but have good footwear for walking around in the bush above the beaches by the campsites and restrooms.  Those bushes have gnarly thorns that make happy feet very unhappy.  Be careful if you swim in the ocean here.  It is amazing, but be cautious of the current, rip tide and waves.  Use common sense.

There are numerous Kauai County Beach Parks to enjoy as well.  These are great for peeps or families that definitely want restroom, shower, sink and water amenities.  Beach parks also have picnic tables.  All are right on the beach so rock yourself to sleep with the sound and rhythm of the ocean.  Avoid Hanamaulu Beach Park!  Be cautious at Salt Pond Beach Park.  We’ve camped at all of them and speak from experience.  Anini is great and so is Haena.  Lydgate has newer sites and facilities on the east side and is nice.

If you plan to leave belongings in your tent while you are away, it is a good idea to put a lock on the zipper to hinder access.  Also, anywhere you are on Kauai, lock personal belongings in your trunk when you are away from your car.  Leave nothing visible in the inside.  Thieves typically look for easy targets and do not want to up forth effort or time in working at something.  Make it hard for anyone to mess with your stuff!

IMPORTANT TIP:  Do NOT sit on top of picnic tables.  Locals find it very disrespectful as that is where people eat.

Permits are required for all state and county parks.  If you choose to camp without a permit you are doing so at your own risk.  If you rent our gear we require a copy of your permit(s).

Copy this link in your address bar for more info, permit stuff and to see a map of prime camping spots on Kauai.

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