Camping On Kauai? We’ve Got You Covered!

by admin on May 28, 2016

camping on kauai

At Just Live!, we know that taking a zipline tour isn’t the only thing people do when they come to Kauai on vacation – duh! Of course we urge you to take one of our adventure-packed zipline tours; after all, it WILL be the most fun thing you do. People love to camp, hike, take helicopter tours, relax on the beach, enjoy the food and just experience local culture. So, why are we telling you all this?

Those who come to the island to camp or hike often found they’ve left something behind, or think of something that would be useful in their adventures. Taking home a souvenir is always a good idea too! Our outdoor gear store is Kauai’s best supplier of all the gear you could need if you’re camping or hiking, or want a t-shirt or hoodie to take home with you.

From kayak rentals (yep, another adventure you may want to enjoy while on the island) to cookware, trekking poles, beach sheets, rain gear, tents, knives, tools, and pillows to sleeping pads, hammocks, and fuel/fuel canisters, we have everything you need to make your camping or hiking adventure perfect. Forgot your sunglasses? Don’t worry – we have those too.

Lots of people buy a lot of “stuff” when they’re vacationing. What happens when it’s time to go home and you have way more to take back than you came with? We’ve got you covered there, too. Maybe you have some beach, hiking, or camping gear you don’t have room for, or you just don’t want to lug it home with you only to have it stored in the shed for the next five or ten years. We’re happy to buy it from you!

Camping on Kauai is fun and relaxing, especially on the beach – and what tastes better than food cooked outdoors? Hiking is a challenge and an adventure, not to mention a fantastic workout. When you just want to have fun and are perhaps seeking a little thrill, we suggest you take one of our amazing zipline tours in Kauai. Depending on whether you just have a couple of hours or want to spend half the day, our packages are all packed with adrenalin-pumping fun. We hope to see you in the coming weeks at Just Live!

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