Can Ziplining in Kauai Help You With Your Fear of Heights?

by admin on August 26, 2015

ziplining in kauai

At Just Live!, we understand there are countless people who suffer from acrophobia, or a fear of heights. For some, standing on a chair to change the battery on a clock is too much; for others, climbing the stairs to the second floor of their home can leave them feeling a bit panicked. Have you ridden a Ferris wheel and prayed that if you just make it through, you’ll never do it again? You’re not alone. While it’s probably hard to imagine, ziplining in Kauai could be just the medicine you need to help you conquer your fear of heights!

Many adults have tried ziplining because of their children. After all, if a 10-year-old is willing to soar above the treetops and begging you to ride, how can you turn him or her down? You don’t want to look like a big chicken, and maybe it’s just what you need to face your fear of heights. Lots of parents try to overcome their fears for their children’s sake, and even try to hide them. By facing your fear head on, most people can overcome it – and even find out just how fun and exciting ziplining really is!

Are you afraid not only of heights, but that participating in a zipline tour is dangerous? The fact is, the equipment is extremely safe, and with skilled, experienced instructors and guides who put your education and safety first, there is no danger. Most people who die from riding a zipline do so because of a heart attack, and those with heart or medical conditions shouldn’t put their health at risk in the first place. Most injuries with ziplining occur to those who have set up a small zipline in their own backyards! At Just Live!, our equipment is inspected constantly, and we have an impeccable safety record.

The fact is, once you begin sailing through the air high above the treetops, chances are your fear of heights will be carried away by the wind, and the pure excitement and fun you experience. The majority of people who have acrophobia and get up their nerve to zipline (whether because they don’t want their child to think they’re “chicken” or for some other reason) find it such an amazing, awesome experience they want to do it again.

At Just Live!, we invite you to take one of our eco-based Kauai zipline tours. Our opinion is you’ll love it so much, you’ll forget to be scared!

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