Celebrate Memorial Day with a Zipline Tour in Kauai!

by admin on May 18, 2015

zipline tour in kauai

Memorial Day is just over a week away, how will you celebrate? While this holiday is a day meant to remember family and friends who died in active military service, many people also celebrate by having a backyard barbecue, inviting friends over for a pool party, going camping, and partaking in many other activities. At Just Live!, we think ziplining in Kauai is a great way to celebrate any holiday, especially those that fall on Mondays and allow many who work to enjoy a long weekend.

You may live in Hawaii, or perhaps the school year is coming to an end and you are combining vacation/Memorial Day travel to our beautiful state. No matter why you’re in Hawaii, there are more relaxing and fun things to do than you’ll ever get around to! Between all of the gorgeous beaches, volcanoes, amazing mountains, hiking, helicopter tours, snorkeling, catamaran rides and delicious fare to sample at local restaurants, be sure to leave time for a zipline tour in Kauai.

If you’ve never experienced ziplining, you’re definitely in for a fun and adventurous treat! Experience the true beauty of the Norfolk Pines and “hang out” in the trees on Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-style canopy bridges as high up as 80 or more feet in the treetops. Imagine having a bird’s eye view, as you zip from one aerial platform to the next! Sure, riding in an airplane or helicopter can be exciting, but it’s nothing like soaring through the trees with the wind in your hair and no barriers between you and Mother Nature!

Ziplines are built on a slope, using a cable and pulley system that stretches from a high point, to one that is lower. This essentially means you are propelled by gravity – but don’t worry, you’ll never crash into a tree or mountain wall. All ziplines in the U.S. are equipped with braking mechanisms, whether an upward slope at the end of the tour that causes slowing, or manual brakes. Ziplining is extremely safe.

If you’re going to be in the Kauai area this Memorial Day, celebrate in a way you never have before by enjoying a zipline tour! An exhilarating, free spirited adventure, bring along family and friends for a truly unique experience. At Just Live!, we offer a thrill that will be etched in your memory forever. Come see us!

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