Challenge Course


Full service Low & High Course

Just Live! Outdoor Adventure Park is the perfect location for outdoor events and programs.

Our Challenge Course is located in a magnificent and unique
Norfolk Island Pine forest with trees towering upward to 200 feet.
The course is built in and around these trees offering amazing aesthetics, energy and excitement.
Outstanding views abound both in and around our forest.

challenge course photo galleryOur High Challenge Course (30 – 100 feet off the ground) offers participants the opportunity to go beyond their normal limits and build self-confidence with the support and encouragement of their team. These activities require participants to gear up in a safety harness and helmet. You are kept safe by our awesome, highly trained and experienced guides. While you engage in these climbing elements you are secured to a climbing rope and are ʻon belayʼ and kept safe the entire time. Participants set their own goals on these activities and determine how far to challenge themselves.

Some examples of these activities include:

  • 60ʼ Rock Climbing Wall:
    This unique, 2 person climbing wall is designed as 5 separate wooden climbing panels that are meant to slightly move and shift as you climb up. There are various was to increase or decrease the level of challenge of this activity. This wall is awesome!
    Challenge Level: Moderate/Difficult
  • 50ʼ Bottoms Up:
    Work individually or in pairs. First climb 50 feet up into the tree canopy. With different rope options to choose from, participants must traverse across a 50ʼ span of wire rope to an adjacent tree. This activity is best done in pairs and brings out fun, fear and excitement.
    Challenge Level: Moderate/Difficult
  • 35ʼ Jungle Circuit: This high element circuit includes 3 different activities to choose from. A Jungle Vine Traverse, Burma Loops Bridge and Balance Beam.
    Challenge Level: Moderate/Difficult
  • 60ʼ Monster Swing: With the support and encouragement of your team, participants are hoisted up to a max height of 60 feet into the tree canopy. Simply let go of a release and drop into a roller coaster type adrenaline giant swing. Itʼs AWESOME!
    Challenge Level: Moderate/Difficult
  • 100ʼ Rappelling Tower: Built in and between 2 massive Norfolk Pines this tower offers spectacular views if you reach the top. Choose to experience an air rappel or tree rappel. There is a 50ʼ rappel platform option as well. Rappelling training provided. Back ups are always in place for added safety.
    Challenge Level: Difficult


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