Common Questions About Kauai Zipline Tours

by admin on May 1, 2015

kauai zipline tours

At Just Live!, we realize those who have never ziplined before in Kauai (or anywhere else, for that matter) have plenty of questions. What is a zipline, and what if you have never done it before? How do you get down if you change your mind after you’ve already started? Is it difficult, and is ziplining safe? We have the answers to these questions so that you can put your worries and concerns to rest.

First of all, what is a zipline? Basically, ziplining, also referred to as “canopy adventures” by some, is an aerial trekking course that is tree-based. Those who participate are securely clipped in a harness, and glide from one platform to another via cables equipped with free-moving cables that take them from one platform to another, with the cables being suspended high above the ground. With most courses, gravity is what propels you through the air from one platform to the next. Platforms are typically built into the trees of the forest, and are extremely solid so you can feel safe and secure.

Is it your first zipline tour? You may feel a bit anxious, however all of your fears can be alleviated in knowing that our highly trained and knowledgeable guides are with you all the way. Safety and comfort are our top priorities; our guides will thoroughly explain the process, and provide hands-on instructions so that you know how to adjust your orientation and/or speed. Our guides are prepared to answer all of your questions and help you along the way, so that you feel comfortable and enjoy a great experience.

What if you are in the midst of your first zipline adventure, and decide you want to get down? Ziplining is an exciting, challenging, and unique experience. Should you decide that you would rather be on the ground, there are opportunities to exit the tour on our platforms, or at any time you feel anxious or panicked. It is important to keep in mind that ziplining is completely safe, and you are never in danger thanks to quality equipment and educated, highly skilled guides.

Is ziplining hard for those who are not in the best physical shape? Depending on the course you choose, intense physical exertion isn’t usually required. Our tour guides will educate you regarding how to control the orientation/speed of your ride, so that you don’t have to fear going out of control as you zip from one tree to the next. At Just Live!, we are dedicated to helping guests enjoy the experience, gain confidence, feel secure, and above all else, have a fun and exciting time. Depending on how challenging a course your choose, you will begin to feel at ease in no time at all.

Ready to have the time of your life? No matter how anxious or uncertain you may be, at Just Live! we make our Kauai zipline tours a fun, exciting adventure you will never forget. In fact, you’ll look forward to your next canopy adventure! Contact us if you have additional questions and/or concerns.

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