Considering A Hawaii Vacation For Christmas? Travel Tips

by admin on December 12, 2014

hawaii vacation

If you’re one of the many families who intend to enjoy a Hawaii vacation over the Christmas holidays, you’re certainly not alone! While it’s true that flights and condo or vacation rentals are higher this time of year, there’s something about visiting a beautiful, warm climate that many people just can’t resist. At Just Live!, we want to make sure that out of everything you plan to do, you include a zipline tour while you visit our wonderful islands. Now, for a few travel tips that will help you enjoy your trip even more.

Consider a condo versus a luxury resort. Unless you have money to burn, a condo is a much better choice, not only because of price (many luxury resorts charge $400 to $600 per night), but if you desire a more authentic experience. Why not enjoy a spacious condo, complete with laundry appliances, kitchen, and the ability to make your own Mai Tai or even cook in instead of going out for every meal?

Don’t try to do it all in a single trip. Visiting one or two islands when visiting Hawaii is recommended, but trying to island hop too much will leave you exhausted – and with much less money in your wallet. Enjoy the unique flavor of one or two islands, so that you can relax and experience each one thoroughly. Here in Kauai, ziplining is a great adventure for those who are active and want to spend half a day or so doing something challenging and fun!

Splurge on at least one adventure. We already mentioned a zipline tour, but what about a kayak trip, deep sea diving, or taking a helicopter tour so that you can learn about the islands and enjoy an aerial view? You really MUST enjoy a great adventure while you’re here, before you kick back and relax . . .

Which brings us to the last tip, DO NOT miss a relaxing day on the beach! Of everything you do in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach is an absolute must. You don’t have to rent a boat, simply relaxing on the shoreline is enough for many who just want to enjoy amazing scenery and the most beautiful sunset in the world. You can enjoy nature without spending a dime, whether you choose to read a book, sun bathe, or snorkel with the angelfish or sea turtles.

Are you ready? If you plan to be in Kauai on your Hawaiian Christmas holiday vacation in 2014, come see us at Just Live!

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