Corporate Blues? Ziplining in Kauai May Be the Solution

by admin on January 30, 2015

ziplining in kauai

In every business, there are times when normally productive employees need a morale boost. The time following the holidays can be a bit of a “let down.” It’s back to work as usual, the holidays are over, and getting motivated may be a bit more difficult. Instead of your typically happy staff who enjoy engaging with each other and getting the job done, everyone seems a bit sluggish. How to get everyone back in the game? Team building through ziplining and other fun (and challenging) outdoor adventure can be the answer to your problems.

At Just Live!, we know that physical activity team building is the best way to get people motivated and “out of the dumps.” Why does it work? Ziplining or engaging in other activities such as rappelling, rock wall climbing, or nature programs get your team into a totally different environment. Sometimes, it just takes something as simple as getting out of an enclosed space and into the great outdoors to work magic on the morale of people. Putting the day-in day-out schedule, deadlines, and documents on temporary hold can work wonders; your staff members are distracted from the “corporate world” for a day, often all it takes to get them motivated and ready to dig in for the new year.

Of course, it isn’t just the ziplining in Kauai that will give your corporate team a fresh new perspective! The beauty of the landscape is enough to inspire and invigorate, and quite a different view than what the typical worker normally has access to in an office or cubicle. Getting away to enjoy spectacular surroundings and invigorating, challenging (and don’t forget FUN) activities is therapeutic for many. Rustling leaves, waves crashing against the beach, awe-inspiring scenery – there’s simply nothing like it!

Participating in ziplining as a team doesn’t just give your staff a temporary break; physical exertion and engaging in fun activities that challenge all involved will help your staff be ready to take on the new year and work toward the success of the company, no matter how long the journey. Does your staff need a little motivation and inspiration? Come visit Just Live! in Kauai, and you’ll understand what the ziplining fuss is all about..

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