Is There A Difference Between Ziplining And Canopy Tours?

by admin on May 6, 2016

canopy tours

The terms “canopy tours” and “zip lines” are often used interchangeably these days, although there really is a difference. While ziplining was originally designed as a form of transportation to help people centuries ago with transporting themselves and other goods across canyons, mountains, or other areas that were otherwise impassable, the canopy tours of today are based more on ecology, learning about the natural surroundings, and of course fun!

Either way, you’re riding a cable that takes you from one point to another. While some ziplines may simply take you from the starting point to the end destination in one fell swoop, a canopy tour typically involves traveling from one platform to another to another via a series of ziplines placed high in the canopy of the forest. In some cases, canopy tours also include rappelling, swings, aerial trekking, and other adventures that are challenging and add to the experience.

Most commercial companies offering canopy tours today place substantial focus on ecology, with guides who educate participants about the ecosystem and natural surroundings. Canopy tours let those who engage in the program take in beautiful surroundings from high above the treetops, while zipping from one platform or canopy bridge to the next. For instance, at Just Live! our Zipline Eco-Adventure includes three ziplines and two sky bridges, along with a 100′ rappelling tower, 60′ rock climbing wall, and our famous “monster” swing. Throughout the tour, our guides provide ecology narratives so visitors learn about the area, including Kauai’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kawaikini, the amazing Norfolk Pine forest, and even the historic Grove Farm Sugar Plantation. It’s 4 1/2 hours packed with learning, fun, and adventure!

While we (along with many other companies) call it a zipline eco-adventure, there is a difference between plain old ziplining and zipline canopy tours. Why just fly across the sky on a zipline, when there’s so much more to enjoy? For the best ziplining in Kauai, give us a call today to book your adventure! Be sure to bring along a few friends or family members to join in the fun!

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