Dreamed of Flying? Ziplining in Kauai Gives You Freedom

by admin on September 12, 2015

ziplining in kauai

Have you ever had a dream that you were soaring high in the sky with no help from an airplane, helicopter, or hot-air balloon? Even in a dream, the feeling is exhilarating; a freedom you’ve probably never experienced in real life. What if you could zip through the sky, high above the treetops? With our eco-based zipline tours, it’s possible! Of course you’ll be connected to a cable, but it’s the closest most people will ever get to actually flying – and it’s more fun than you could ever imagine.

If you haven’t tried ziplining in Kauai, you cannot imagine what you’re missing. Of course the first few minutes are typically a little nerve-rattling, a feeling much like what you experience when you ride a tall ride at the state or county fair for the first time. Even if you’re afraid of heights, that feeling will disappear once you’re soaring through the air! Although the feeling of flying is exciting, most people who take our tours are just as thrilled with the beauty and tropical surroundings as well.

Just how high will you fly? Our zipline treetop tour will take you as high as 80 to 85 feet above the ground on seven zipline runs from one exciting tree bridge to the next. Because you’re smack in the middle of our island’s ‘giant’ 200 foot-tall Norfolk pines, you’ll enjoy seeing the world through a bird’s eye view. Until you’ve tried it yourself, you just can’t imagine the thrill, excitement, and fun of it all.

Your dream of flying can come true! Bring your whole family, all of your best buddies or BFFs, or whoever you choose to enjoy the experience right along with you. At Just Live!, you can have the time of your life knowing you are completely safe and secure. Life is for living, so live it to the fullest!

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