Celebrate Father’s Day With A Kauai Zipline Adventure

by admin on June 10, 2017

kauai zipline

Father’s Day is coming up on June 18, and if you haven’t already bought dad a gift you may want to consider taking him on the adventure of a lifetime – a Kauai zipline tour! Dads of all ages will love zipping through the air from one aerial platform to the next, not to mention the amazing scenery.

Many kids forget what Father’s Day is about – spending time with dad! While gifts are always great, what your dad really wants is to spend quality time with you. Our zipline tours take between 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours, depending on whether you choose the Wikiwiki, Treetop Tour, or Eco-Adventure, which is packed with all kinds of fun challenges.

Do you really want to take dad out to lunch, or present him with a card, watch, cologne, or tie? BORING!! So predictable, and just like every other Father’s Day. Why not make this year the one he’ll remember fondly for years to come?

The great thing about ziplining in Kauai is that not only will your dad have an exciting, fun time but you and any siblings will as well – it’s a bonding experience of sorts, but one filled with laughter, screams, and just good old-fashioned fun.

Gifts are appreciated, but ziplining is simply awesome. By booking online and taking advantage of our Early Bird Specials, you can save a bundle on morning zipline tours! Our Wikiwiki Zipline Tour is regularly priced at $82.29 per person, but you enjoy more than $20 savings at just $61.72 per person. If you choose the Zipline Treetop Tour that takes, on average, about 3 1/2 hours, each person pays only $93.75 with the Early Bird Special rather than the $125.00 per person regular price. Huge savings, and fun for all!

Whether you live on Kauai or will be vacationing on our beautiful island over the Father’s Day weekend, be sure to give dad a unique gift that will definitely surprise him – the gift of hours of fun spent with his children. Contact Just Live today, or book your zipline tour online.

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