Feeling Adventurous? Take a Kauai Zipline Tour!

by admin on September 22, 2015

kauai zipline tour

If you’ve never taken a zipline or treetop canopy tour, you likely have lots of questions and wonder about how high off the ground you’ll actually be, how difficult it is, how much training you’ll receive before you actually take the ride, whether you’re physically fit enough to take a tour, etc. At Just Live!, we’ve got all the answers – and our zipline tours are the best and most secure in the state, so you can rest assured you’ll be safe and have the time of your life.

First of all, what is a zipline tour? Basically, most tours take guests 20 to 80 feet above ground level, where you take off from a platform and zip along a secure cable to another platform. If you’ve ever had the desire to cruise through the jungle at levels where monkeys and birds “hang out,” you’ll love taking a zipline tour!

Is it really hard, and do you have to be in great physical shape? If you’re in average physical shape and not considerably overweight, you’ll likely enjoy a zipline tour. How fit you should be really depends on the individual tour, and whether any other activities such as kayaking or hiking are involved. Our ziplines are not overly strenuous, so most people qualify for this adventure of a lifetime.

What types of zipline tours are available in the U.S.? From those that skim the mountains to those that take you deep into rainforests or jungles, there are many available depending on the landscape. No doubt all are fun!

What if you’ve never ridden a zipline before? No worries at all, as professional guides will give you all of the guidance and instruction you need prior to the course. Many are concerned that they won’t know how to put on the harness correctly, latch onto the cable, brake, etc. With our zipline tours, you’ll learn all the basics and feel comfortable as you take off on a fun, exhilarating ride!

Will you enjoy a zipline tour? Most people do, unless you’re extremely afraid of heights. In our experience, entire families enjoy the experience, so much so in fact that many can’t wait to do it again. Wherever you take a tour, make sure you know beforehand the heights at which the cables are strung, health concerns, height and weight limits, etc. so you will feel totally comfortable with the tour.

For the majority of people, ziplining is a fun experience unlike any other you have ever experienced. The most important thing you can do is choose a facility that is dedicated to safety, providing guidance and instruction before you take the tour, and that has an exceptional and proven record. If you’re in the area, be sure to come by Just Live! and try a Kauai zipline tour – an experience of a lifetime!

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