Things To Do In Hawaii – Fly High On A Kauai Zip Line Tour

by admin on July 2, 2017

kauai zip line tour

There’s truly nothing like zipping through the air (and we’re not talking about airplanes) in breathtaking surroundings. Imagine taking a Kauai zip line tour, where you fly above the treetops and enjoy an amazing view! It’s fun, challenging, adventurous, and well, it’s simply a natural high you just don’t get with most activities!

Speaking of high, it’s a sad fact that so much of our population today resorts to drugs and alcohol to “feel good” or be able to deal with their lives. Being active is a far better way to deal with stress and depression, and the natural high you get from ziplining or even running or participating in other physical activity is super empowering! When you’re physically active, your body releases endorphins, which are “feel good” hormones. A far better way to enjoy life, feel happy, and be healthier!

Okay, enough of the lecture. Speaking of flying high, just how high off the ground can you expect to be when you take a zipline tour? It depends on where you go, as all facilities are different, depending on several factors, including topography of the land. The height of the forest, mountains, and other elements all play a role in the height of a zipline. Many facilities offer a tour that’s low to the ground and designed especially for small children; some cater to those who love anything extreme, including flying through the air at 200 feet or even higher above the ground!

In most cases you’ll find commercial zip line facilities have courses that vary in height, from about 30 or 35 feet off the ground to 65, 70, or 80 feet off the ground. Our Zipline Treetop Tour is a 3 1/2 hour experience that isn’t ground-based, but instead treetop-based, taking you 60 to 85 feet above the forest floor as you soar through Norfolk pine trees considered giants at 200 feet tall! Aerial platforms allow you to view the gorgeous landscape from 60 to 85 feet or higher, and you’ll love the canopy bridges as well.

With our Kauai zipline tours you really do fly high – and we’re not talking 30 feet off the ground! For an awesome adventure when you’re on the island, be sure to take one of our eco-based zip line tours. It will be the highlight of your entire vacation!

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