How Ziplining Is A Bit Scientific – Even In A Tropical Paradise Like Kauai!

by admin on February 17, 2017


Sure, taking a zipline tour in Kauai sounds like a fun-filled adventure, perhaps even a little challenging or intimidating. Many people aren’t aware that ziplines are actually designed around principles that are quite scientific. If you’re one of the many who wonder just how or why it works, we have some answers we think you’ll find interesting!

You may already know it, but a zipline has to be placed on a decline in order for it to work, such as a slope or mountain – after all, you can’t go uphill because gravity is a necessary force in ziplining! The pulleys you see on ziplines are designed to reduce friction on the cable, so that riders can enjoy a smooth ride.

If you’re someone who loves scientific projects, we don’t recommend you try building a zipline in your backyard simply because you understand gravity, inertia, and how to place a pulley on a wire – it just isn’t safe. Most of the reputable commercial zip line facilities around the world today are accredited or regulated by organizations or state laws, such as the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) or PRCA (Professional Ropes Course Association).

In designing a zipline course, commercial facilities take several factors into consideration to ensure a safe but fun experience. Some of these factors include the distance in terms of yards or meters, the height of the beginning and ending points, what these points will be secured or attached to, weight limitations, and how much slack is necessary to provide a sufficient slope.

Naturally, some factors also determine speed. Ziplines around the world offer tours of various heights and speeds; for instance, one may clip along at 40 mph, while another may take your breath away at 100 mph or more! On average, a zipline that’s 300 meters (328 yards) may reach a speed of about 30 mph, while a ride that’s 900 meters (984 yards) will move about twice the speed, or 60 mph.

As you can see, there’s a lot more that goes into ziplining than simply attaching a rope to two trees! Although you’d never probably consider all of the science that goes into providing a fun, exciting adventure in the midst of a tropical paradise such as ours, much thought and careful planning are essential to safety and having a great time!

Taking a zipline tour in Kauai is a must-do if you’re visiting our beautiful island! Be sure to come see what the excitement is all about by visiting Just Live!

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