What To Do On Kauai This Fall – Other Than Ziplining, Of Course!

by admin on September 1, 2017

what to do on kauai

With fall just around the corner, many who prefer to vacation after the intense heat has passed will be heading out to destinations all over the world. If you’re headed to Kauai in the coming weeks, you’ll definitely want to put taking one of our eco-based zipline tours on top of your list of things to do! While you may not find other activities on the island quite as exciting or adventurous, there’s no shortage of great fun to be had. Unless you’ll be here for a month or two, there’s no way you can experience everything we have to offer – but we thought we’d mention a few of the things visitors to Kauai love to do!

How about a sailing excursion, dinner cruise, snorkeling, or sport fishing? Many visitors to Kauai enjoy sightseeing tours immensely, because of the island’s unique geography and the fact that it’s the most scenic and oldest of the islands in Hawaii.

If you’re someone who’s active and loves almost anything outdoors, you’ll enjoy surfing, hiking, taking a bike tour, an ATV excursion, or even horseback riding. There are lots of ways to experience the magnificent beauty and landscape of the island, including helicopter tours and air tours!

What about a snuba tour? You’re likely saying “what?” Snuba is a cross between scuba diving and snorkeling, and great for those who have never snorkeled. The difference with snuba is that you can remain underwater and breathe without having a tank on your back as you would with scuba diving. You can see what others who visited Snuba Tours of Kauai had to say here.

Of course there’s always fine dining, fun shopping, festivals, and exploring local culture. Your main purpose for visiting Kauai may be to simply lay on the beach and enjoy the water! The views are amazing, and the sounds of the water are incredible. After a while though, no doubt you’ll want to experience some of the other spectacular activities on the island!

For the most fun you’ll have while you’re vacationing, be sure to check out our Kauai ziplining tours. It’s really a scream, and you’ll have the time of your life with family or friends. It’s an adventure not to be missed!

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