Kauai Outdoor Gear – Great Sunglasses Are A Must!

by admin on July 25, 2014

kauai outdoor gear

Hawaii is a state widely recognized around the U.S. and the world for tropical surroundings, amazing beaches, crystal turquoise water, and plenty of sunshine to soak up whether you live there, or are vacationing in Kauai. At Just Live!, our Kauai outdoor gear store is where you will find everything you need for hiking, camping, participating in a zipline tour, or just lounging on the beach. Let’s face it – eye protection is essential when you engage in outdoor activities in the bright sunshine, and you definitely want to get that “cool” look going for you!

Today, the perfect pair of sunglasses is a wardrobe essential for many folks. Lots of people spend $8 on a pair at Walmart, while others don’t mind making a substantial investment of $150, $300, or more in well-known and prestigious brands such as Kaenon and Maui Jim. Right now, our Just Live! Outdoor Gear store is where you will find our newest addition, Ryders sunglasses. Not only are these sunglasses great-looking, they’re shatterproof, scratch resistant, lightweight, and perfect for any activity you may find yourself involved in. Priced starting at just about $50, you can afford a pair of these exceptional quality sunglasses to make your vacation more enjoyable, and to protect those precious peepers! Available in standard, photochromic/polarized, and polarized varieties, direct from Vancouver, Canada. These are top of the line, not your ordinary discount store variety sunglasses.

Hiking the incredible terrain, water skiing, taking in the sites, trying new food, laying on the beach, trying out your first Zipline Treetop Tour, rappelling, or enjoying one of our nature programs – whatever you do, make sure you’re well equipped! Did you forget to bring along your cookware, hammock, or sleeping bag? Looking for t-shirts, caps, and other souvenirs with the Just Live! logo, or need those Ryders sunglasses we were just talking about? Stop by and see us today! We love meeting new friends, and helping inform you about all of the fun and exciting things there are to do in Kauai.

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