Kauai Zipline Facility Reveals Little Known Facts About The Industry

by admin on April 7, 2017

kauai zipline

Ziplining has become one of the most popular activities and adventures in nearly every state in the U.S., as well as many other countries. If you’re considering taking a zipline tour in Kauai, you may be interested to learn a bit more about this exciting and thrilling ride. It may surprise you to learn that just 16 short years ago (in 2001) there were just 10 commercial ziplines in the U.S., and by 2009 that number had increased to 200. Today, it’s estimated there are about 400 commercial zipline companies across the country.

We’ve shared a few other interesting tidbits below we think you’ll enjoy.

Traveling internationally by zipline is something you can do, IF you’re crossing from Spain to Portugal via the LĂ­mite Zero zipline that crosses the Guadiana River.

North Carolina reportedly had 24 commercial ziplines in 2015, making it the U.S. state with the most.

At last check, the longest single zipline measures 7,260 feet in length and is located in Rocca Massima, Italy.

On a yearly basis, about $120 million in revenue is generated by Costa Rica zipline facilities.

How do children get to and from school in the Hongde village in China? By a zipline that crosses a 260 foot wide gorge!

Commercial ziplines exist across six continents and in 72 countries around the globe today.
Think you’d love to zip along at speeds of 100 mph? You’ll probably have to visit New Zealand, South Africa, or the UK to experience this kind of speed!

There are lots of fun and interesting facts you can find about various ziplines around the world. For instance, the longest single zipline in the U.S. takes about 90 seconds to complete, and is located in Hoonah, Alaska.

One thing that sets our Kauai zipline tours apart from many commercial facilities today is that ours is a canopy tour, which means those who ride enjoy not only the excitement, but stunning views of their surroundings. As a treetop adventure, ours is ecology driven and gives visitors an opportunity to experience the amazing 200 foot tall Norfolk pine trees, spectacular mountain views, the Halenanahu Reservoir, and more, from aerial platforms.

If you’re in Kauai or coming our way soon, make plans to take one of our exciting zipline tours! It’s truly the experience of a lifetime.

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