Kauai Zipline Tours – Explanation Of How Ziplines Work

by admin on June 24, 2016

kauai zipline tours

Over the last 20 years or so, ziplining has become an increasingly popular outdoor activity – ziplines are popping up every day, all over the world! Of course it’s exciting, fun, challenging, even a bit frightening for “newbies,” but lots of people feel more confident when they understand how a zipline works. If you’re considering one of our Kauai zipline tours when you visit our beautiful island, we want you to have a better understanding of how it all works!

Before we get into the mechanics, we want to assure you that ziplining is extremely safe. Every state that offers zipline courses or tours has its own regulations in place in terms of safety, maintenance, etc. Safety inspections are strictly enforced in each state so that riders know they’re in a safe environment.

Now, how does it work?

Essentially there are cables, a pulley system, platforms, helmets, gloves, and full-body harnesses involved. Cables are run from a higher point (a platform where the rider starts off) to a lower point (another platform for landing). Attached to the cable is a metal pulley system that includes a grooved wheel so it can fit securely to the cable. The full body harness the rider wears provides support, and creates a “seat” of sorts once the rider steps into the harness. This harness is then snapped on to the pulley, and it’s ready to go! Once you leave the platform, gravity does the work of zipping you from the higher point to the lower point.

Okay, that all sounds great doesn’t it? Now your question is probably how you slow down or stop once you reach the lower platform. Depending on what zipline you’re riding, there will be a slight incline at the end of the ride to slow you down for a safe landing, a mechanical braking system, or both. Gloves are worn by riders to help assist with braking and zipline speed as well.

You don’t have to worry that you’ll forget how it works or reach the end and not know what to do. Guides will be assigned to your group, so you’ll have guidance and assistance the whole way through, from situating your harness to giving instruction before you ever leave the platform.

Now that you have a better understanding of how it all works, are you ready for the most exciting adventure of your life? Soar above the treetops and take in the beautiful surroundings while you feel free as a bird! If you’re visiting Kauai in the future (or even live on the island), be sure to come experience one of the amazing zipline tours at Just Live!

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