Looking for Adventure While in Kauai? Zipline Tours & More

by admin on March 11, 2016

zipline tours

In Kauai, adventure is one thing you can be sure there is never a shortage of. If you’re vacationing or planning a vacation in the upcoming weeks and love all things challenging and fun, there’s plenty here for you!

Today, lots of people enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether it’s riding horses, boating, water skiing, hiking, or playing golf, it’s easy to stay physically active participating in activities that are fun and even exciting. If you’re flying into Hawaii from the inland U.S. or anywhere else in the world, you can be sure that as soon as you hit the ground adventure begins in Kauai!

Here are a few of the awesome experiences you may enjoy:

The Wailua River is wonderful for those who enjoy kayaking, as you work your way toward the Coconut Coast. Golf enthusiasts always love a good challenge, which you’ll find abundantly, given our unique landscape which can make your game seem a bit more intense – but always fun!

What about mountain tubing? The water flumes of Lihue make for incredible mountain tubing.

Love exploring offroad? Whether by ATV or 4×4, our South Shore is the ideal place to engage in a fun adventure.

The pastures of Princeville are ideal for those who enjoy a lazy afternoon of horseback riding; if hiking is your thing, the trails of Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park will keep you busy for a day, and it’s great exercise as well as a wonderful way to enjoy our natural surroundings. Or, hike from the Kalalau Trail to Kokee State Park and enjoy our island’s natural splendor – don’t forget your cell phone or camera for some great pics!

If relaxing is more your thing, there are plenty of amazing restaurants, golf courses, spas, and other world-class amenities at the many resorts on Kauai from Poipu to Princeville. Fine restaurants, beautiful beaches, even the ideal venue for that honeymoon you never did get to take, or your dream tropical beach wedding – it’s all here!

Of course we can’t leave ziplining in Kauai out of the mix! Experience exhilarating views, tropical rain forests, lush valleys, and the adrenalin-pumping excitement that’s absolutely thrilling, while learning more about your surroundings and the island’s rich history. It’s truly a rush! If you’ve never ziplined before, imagine yourself soaring high above the treetops at 35 mph and the views you’ll see as you descend into the forest. Breathtaking, for sure!

At Just Live!, we want you to enjoy the greatest adventures of your life while visiting our beautiful island. Whether you decide to take one of our zipline tours, play golf, lounge on the beach, hike, go horseback riding, or a little of all of the above, be sure to come see our facility while you’re here!

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