Challenge Yourself With Our Most Adventurous Kauai Zipline Tour!

by admin on June 3, 2017

kauai zipline tour

Of course riding a zipline is exciting and fun! There’s simply nothing like flying through the air without the aid of an airplane or helicopter, and if you’re on Kauai it’s even more fun because of the beauty and tropical surroundings. However, for those who’ve taken zipline tours on numerous occasions you may be looking for something a bit more challenging this summer. How about our Eco-Adventure Kauai zipline tour, packed with about four hours of fun and adrenalin-pumping adventure? Here’s the lowdown.

Not only does our most adrenaline packed adventure include three ziplines and two sky bridges, but also our 60′ rock climbing wall where you’ll have a blast climbing our wood panels designed to shift and move slightly as you ascend, making it even more fun. Grab your best buddy and team up for this challenging adventure!

Now for more awesomeness – our 60′ monster swing where you’ll be hoisted up into the tree canopy before letting go and dropping into a giant swing that will remind you of the adrenaline “high” you get when riding a roller coaster! A few nerves mixed with anticipation, ending in tons of fun and laughter.

And last, but certainly not least, is our 100′ rappelling tower where you’ll experience amazing views IF you can reach the top! One of our more difficult challenges, you’re given the option of air or tree rappelling from our tower, designed in two humongous Norfolk Pines – you can also choose our 50′ rappel platform if you feel more comfortable and want to start out on an easier level.

Sound exciting? It definitely is, and ideal for those who crave an exciting, fun challenge. If you’re ready to take your ziplining experience to a whole new level and are visiting Kauai, be sure to choose our Zipline Eco Adventure! We’ll be here waiting, so come see us at Just Live, where safety and guided instruction are top priority.

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