Just Live Ziplines – Safety Tips For Ziplining In Kauai

by admin on September 28, 2017

ziplining in kauai

At Just Live we have an exemplary safety record, however, when you take one of our Kauai zipline tours some of the safety is up to you! Our first priority is making sure you have the proper gear to avoid injuries (such as helmets, safety harnesses, etc.).

It’s important to realize that not all commercial ziplines are created equal, and injuries have occurred at some facilities. Not to worry, though. Our zipline tours provide you hours of fun and excitement, without the worry of accidents and injuries. Here’s what to keep in mind to make sure you have a blast as you fly through the air at roller coaster speeds!

Make sure the zipline park you choose is a legitimate one that adheres to the Association for Challenge Course Technology or Professional Ropes Course Association standards. You can usually find this information online, or if you can’t, give the facility a call and ask. If they aren’t familiar with either, stay far, far away!

Upon arrival at the zipline park, do your own inspection of sorts. Take a look at the ropes, cables or carabiners, even the helmets and harnesses provided. Is it all in good order and does it appear all of the equipment is regularly maintained? Are there guides who answer questions, provide instruction, and demonstrate safety? This is important stuff, so be sure to take the time to find out.

Be observant before you step off the platform. Are there safety rails around the platform, and are you properly strapped into the harness? Make certain everything looks properly fastened and safe and secure before you ever take that step.

The whole point of ziplining in Kauai is to challenge yourself and have a blast! While you don’t want safety concerns to make you paranoid, it IS a good idea to always be cautious, no matter where you’re ziplining. At Just Live, safety is our #1 priority so you never have to worry.

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