Tips For Ziplining In Kauai If You’re A ‘Newbie’

by admin on April 30, 2016

ziplining in kauai

We won’t lie to you – for a newbie, the thought of zipping through the air above the treetops can be a bit intimidating, to say the least. Whether or not you have a fear of heights, expect the unexpected! It’s a huge adrenalin rush, and one of the most exciting, adventurous activities you’ll ever experience!

While you may not have a fear of heights, for those ziplining in Kauai for the first time, standing on a platform high in the air is a bit more frightening than they would have thought. Of course you’re completely safe using our equipment, but you may still feel a little shaky. Don’t worry – it won’t last long as you take off down the next zipline! Total exhilaration!

Know that before you ever leave the ground, trained guides will give you a demonstration and go over all of the safety precautions. Just pay attention to your guides while on the course, and you’ll have a blast. No need to worry, our facility adheres to the highest safety standards; all of our guests have left us in one piece – and with a smile on their faces!

As far as dress goes, wear sneakers or other comfortable shoes that won’t fall off while you’re high up above the trees, and comfortable, well-fitting clothes like knee-length shorts, jeans, or t-shirts. What you want to avoid are loose or baggy clothes that could affect how the harness fits. If you have long hair, pull it back in a braid or ponytail – and be sure to slather on the sunscreen!

That first platform can be a doozy for newbies, but remember our zipline tours are extremely safe. Take a deep breath, and once you leave the platform and are soaring through the air you’ll see why so many people can’t wait to zipline again after their first experience!

For some, the thought of ziplining can be as frightening as the thought of skydiving out of an airplane that’s thousands of feet up in the air. The fact is, once you get over the initial fear you’ll find out it’s a blast – and most of the photos you come away with will prove just how much fun it really was by seeing the smiles on your face.

For an experience like no other, visit Just Live! in Kauai and participate in one of our eco-based zipline tours!

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