What Sets Our Kauai Zipline Adventure Apart From The Rest?

by admin on November 23, 2017

kauai zipline

While there are several zipline facilities on Kauai, not all are alike! You may be wondering what sets our zipline adventure apart from the others, and there’s plenty. You may imagine yourself soaring through the air with nothing around you but mountains, water, grass, or sunshine, but the fact is, with Just Live!, you soar through a canopy of 200 foot tall Cook Pines – and your feet never touch the ground during the entire experience!

As the only treetop-based tour on the island, you’ll have a blast zipping around from one platform to the next, with the platforms located from 60 to 80 feet in the air. Instead of beginning and ending on the ground, as you do with most zipline tours, you enjoy the experience of being up in the air amongst the trees the entire time! Imagine flying high above the mango, bamboo and eucalyptus trees, and soaring with the birds – it’s an amazing challenge you’ll find totally inspiring, as you experience nature in a way that’s more up-close and personal.

Our BIG adventure is the Eco Adventure, where you’ll not only enjoy three ziplines, but also a 100 foot tall rappelling tower, 60 foot rock climbing wall, and a giant monster swing. If you prefer to zipline the entire time, you’ll love our Zipline Treetop Tour, with seven ziplines and four canopy bridges – over three hours of fun and excitement!

Another factor that sets our Kauai zipline adventure apart from the rest is that our facility is centrally located and the nearest for cruise ship passengers. Our store, where you check in to take a zipline tour, is within walking distance of the dock, and the course is just four miles away!

If you’re vacationing in Kauai, this is the ONE zipline experience you definitely don’t want to miss. Come enjoy the fun, excitement, challenge, and of course, the natural beauty that surrounds you in flight, at Just Live!

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