Vacationing in Hawaii? Ziplining Mixes Punch with Pleasure

by admin on April 25, 2015


May, June, and July are warm months, the time of year when many young twenty-something’s enjoy traveling with friends to fun, relaxing destinations such as Hawaii. Perhaps you will be on summer vacation from high school or college, and are anticipating a great time with friends. If you visit Kauai while in Hawaii, be sure you don’t miss out on one of the most exciting adventures of your life – ziplining!

You already picture yourself lying on the beach, soaking up the sun’s rays and taking in the beautiful tropical landscape. Perhaps you’ve already planned a helicopter tour, or intend to hit all of the best restaurants, clubs, and shops. Hiking is a favorite activity of visitors to the island, and it’s no wonder given the amazing tropical forests, mountains, and gorgeous terrain. Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers from all over the world each year, for lots of reasons. Beautiful, warm weather makes enjoying the great outdoors something you can do year-round, and the beaches are definitely a sight to behold, given the white sand and azure blue water that spans the beaches for miles. There’s simply something relaxing and tranquil about lying on the beach without a worry in the world. True Heaven.

Okay, enough of the relaxing! You can only lay on the beach for so long before you become a lobster or shrivel up from getting in the water so often. After you’re rejuvenated and are all rested up, time to engage in a fun, more challenging experience – ziplining! Soar high above the trees as you zip along on a cable that takes you from one canopy bridge to the next. This is not a “barely off the ground” experience, but a unique and exciting treetop zipline experience like no other! Imagine yourself 80 or 100 feet up in the air, as you take in your surroundings while flying through the air sans an airplane or helicopter. In a word, exhilarating! Experience the feeling of soaring through a grove of 200 foot tall Norfolk pine trees, and taking in the view from aerial platforms built 60 to 85 feet or more high in treetops. This is the adventure you and your friends have been looking for, and isn’t it worth spending 1/2 a day of your vacation doing something that’s a little challenging and really gives you a rush?

At Just Live! we believe every vacation should have a little “punch” mixed in with the pleasure. Challenge yourself, have a great time with your friends, laugh and scream as you zip along the cables flying high in the sky, and most of all, experience the time of your life. While you vacation in Hawaii, come by and see us at Just Live! We believe once you see our wide array of zipline tours, you’ll be excited to be a part of it all.

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