Vacationing In Kauai? Hawaiian Words You Should Know Before You Go

by admin on May 6, 2017

vacationing in kauai

Kauai is an island where you’ll find it all, whether you’re the type who’s adventurous and fun-loving or laid back and ready for simply soaking up the sun on the beach and enjoying some downtime. Regardless of whether you intend to take a zipline tour in Kauai, go hiking or biking, snorkel, surf, shop ’til you drop, or just read a good book while spread out on the gorgeous sand, there are a few words you’ll want to know when you’re vacationing in Kauai.

You’ll be able to communicate easily by knowing some of these basic Hawaiian words:

Aloha – Usually a greeting that means hello or goodbye, but it also means love.

Ono – Use this when you want to describe something you’ve eaten as delicious, but it’s also a type of fish.

Mahalo – Pronounced “mah hah lo,” this word means thank you.

Keiki – This is a word you’ll want to use if you have children, as it means child or children. Perhaps you’ll need to locate activities designed for children, or keiki?

Lanai – What if you’re asked if you prefer a condo or hotel room with a lanai? This simply means patio or balcony.

Mauka and makai are words to know if you’re seeking directions from a local, as makai means toward or in the direction of the ocean while mauka means toward the mountain.

Kane and Wahine are important to know, especially when you have to go visit a public restroom. Kane are men, and wahine are women in Hawaii.

Pupu – Pupu is the word for appetizer on most menus.

Wiki – Fast, such as in transportation from the airport to locations around the island.

Kapu – If you see a sign on a beach or building that says kapu, you know to “keep out” as it’s a forbidden area.

Kokua – Meaning assistance or help, you may use this word if you’re needing help or directions to a specific restaurant, shop, or other destination.

Although the majority of the residents on the island speak English, it’s helpful to know some of the most commonly used Hawaiian words should you need them! You’ll also feel a bit proud of yourself for having learned what some of the most important words mean. If someone should ask if you would like pupus at a restaurant, you won’t have a blank stare on your face!

Whatever time of year you’re visiting our magnificent island, be sure to come enjoy one of our Kauai zipline tours. Just Live is where the fun and adventure begin for those in search of a great challenge that will take your breath away!

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