Vacationing On Kauai? Top Things To Put On Your ‘To-Do’ List!

by admin on August 12, 2016

vacationing on kauai

Many who live on the mainland dream of vacationing on Kauai. If you’re headed our way in the near future, rest assured there’s plenty of fun and adventure, not to mention beautiful, tropical surroundings! While we want to make sure you put taking a zipline tour in Kauai on your list, we’ve included a few other activities we think you’ll enjoy.

Have you ever seen humpback whales, other than on television? If not, you’ll want to make sure you visit the Na Pali Coastline with its deep, ancient valleys and monumental mountains. Truly a sight to behold!

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you won’t want to miss hiking to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, a waterfall atop the gorgeous Waimea Canyon.

Some of the most popular attractions on Kauai include the Kilauea Lighthouse and Kauai + Hollywood. Although the lights have been off at the Kilauea Lighthouse for more than three decades, this spectacular 52 ft. structure is located on a remnant of a volcanic vent that erupted approximately 500,000 years ago – Kilauea Point. If you’re wondering about the Hollywood mention made above, Indiana Jones, Elvis Presley, and King Kong all made their big-screen debuts on our state’s “Island of Discovery” – Kauai!

What to do after a day filled with hiking, experiencing the attractions, taking a zipline tour, kayaking, or just lying on the beach? Plenty! While Kauai offers a raw natural beauty unrivaled by the other islands, you’ll find an abundance of fine dining, shopping, and other outdoor activities. The island’s eastern side, Kapaa, is where you’ll find collectibles, local artwork, resort wear, jewelry, crafts, and much more – including hula performances! Not to worry – there are a few retailers you’re likely familiar with such as Sears, Borders Books, and Macy’s.

While there’s more than you could ever dream of doing on Kauai in one trip, you’ll absolutely want to put ziplining on your list! Of all the outdoor adventures and activities, nothing compares to the excitement and enjoyment you’ll experience when you soar high above the treetops and see the lush landscape surrounding you from a bit of a different perspective. Be sure to come see us at Just Live!

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