Visiting Kauai? Attractions You Don’t Want To Miss

by admin on November 14, 2014

kauai attractions

Visiting Kauai is a fun and exciting adventure, especially if you have never been to the state of Hawaii before. Many people from the mainland and all over the world come to Hawaii to relax, engage in new activities, and simply put the stress of everyday life behind them for a while. Known as Hawaii’s “Island of Discovery,” Kauai is where you will find unsurpassed beauty and countless things to do.

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect to find in Kauai

Hiking is a wonderful way to experience the splendor of the island up-close and personal!

If you enjoy kayaking, there is no shortage of navigable rivers on the island ready to take you to the most breathtaking tropical landscapes and vistas you could imagine.

Mountain tubing is a water adventure you definitely don’t want to miss! Relaxing and fun, mountain tubing makes it possible for you to enjoy stunning views of remote locations, giving you access to our island’s stunning tropical interior. Mountainside tunnels and flumes make for an enjoyable ride, although you may get splashed a little every now and then. When in Hawaii, it’s all about getting wet, isn’t it?

Enjoy surfing? There are plenty of opportunities to surf yourself, or watch others who participate in the sport from Hanalei Bay to Poipu Beach. Or, if you’ve never surfed but dreamed of learning, take a lesson.

If you intend to visit Hawaii in December or later, whale watching is a fun and exciting experience. You may be one of the lucky ones who spot humpback whales from our southern beaches, but we suggest you take a tour to watch these amazing whales!

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying high in the sky, you will want to take an eco-friendly zipline tour where you can soar up to 35 mph high above the rain forests and green jungle canopy. A zipline tour is definitely a thrill ride! Soar 80 to 100 feet above the ground and enjoy panoramic views that will leave you speechless. Whether you prefer a shorter tour or one that continues on for 1/2 a day, Just Live! offers zipline tours that include the Wikiwiki Zip Tour, the Zipline Treetop Tour, and the Zipline Eco-Adventure.

After all of the hiking, kayaking, and ziplining you can handle, you may want to lay on the beach and just relax, doing nothing at all! At Just Live!, we want you to experience all of the attractions the island of Kauai has to offer. Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

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