Just Live Ziplines – What Is Ziplining In Kauai Really Like?

by admin on October 13, 2017

ziplining in kauai

Many people who’ve never taken a zipline tour in Kauai before wonder what it’s like. Maybe you’ve never ridden a zipline anywhere, and are a little leery of heights. Perhaps you’re one of those who rides the most frightening rides at the state or county fair, someone who loves nothing better than the tallest, fastest roller coaster. Regardless, we’ll try to explain the experience of riding a zipline!

Our zipline tours are treetop-based, which means they’re located high in the trees, about 60 to 85 feet above the ground. Most platforms where you’ll “take off” are about 85 feet up, so you’ll probably experience that “my stomach just dropped out” feeling when you step off to begin soaring through the air!

Gliding along from one platform or canopy bridge to the next is fun and exciting. Most people can feel the adrenalin rush, an exhilarating feeling that you’re whipping through the air without the aid of an airplane, helicopter, or other type of vehicle. As the wind whips through your hair and you zip toward the next destination, it’s truly the most freeing experience you could imagine. If you’ve ever looked up in the sky at a bird in flight and thought “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to fly?” this is probably the closest you’ll come to that feeling!

Of course, soaring above the treetops is super fun, but it’s also about nature and your surroundings. Ziplines are located all around the world, but few offer the tropical beauty of our Kauai zipline tours. As you look around you, you’ll take in some of the most amazing scenery, which includes thousands of acres of the Grove Farm Sugar Plantation, the Halenanahu Reservoir, and the island’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kawaikini – not to mention the spectacular Norfolk Pine forest surrounding you!

What’s ziplining in Kauai like? Ferris wheels, roller coasters, bungee jumping and other activities don’t even come close. We invite you to come experience it yourself, whether you live on Kauai or are vacationing with family or friends! Stop by Just Live! to see what all the hoopla’s about when it comes to our zipline adventures.

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