Whatever You Call It, Ziplining Is An Awesome Adventure!

by admin on December 19, 2014


Today, ziplining is an exciting and challenging adventure, something many people can’t wait to experience when vacationing in Hawaii or other states in the U.S. However, it didn’t start out as a fun activity; in fact, zip lines were first used by people in mountainous regions to receive or carry supplies efficiently, or even to travel over dangerous terrain.

Mountain climbers have long used zip lines to get from one steep point to another, although the practice is commonly referred to as Tyrolean traverse. In this situation, many mountain climbers would get from point A to point B in a way similar to ziplining, only in some cases there was no pulley to assist. In our modern times, ziplining involves pulleys that work using the force of gravity. If you enjoy a feeling of complete freedom and “flying” at high speeds, you will absolutely love zip lining, or the flying fox, another term often used for the same activity.

Ziplining, according to some, actually became popular in the Australian Outback, the rainforests of Costa Rica, and in remote regions of China as a way to quickly travel across rivers, canyons, or other areas that were not possible to navigate by foot. Created by residents and workers who needed to transport not only supplies but people, the zip lines were designed using cables and pulleys that were fueled purely by gravity.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, wildlife biologists (and we know those in this industry are thrill seekers, underneath the calm and dignified exteriors) actually transformed ziplining into the adventurous recreational activity it is today. While ziplining is a big attraction for tourists in Kauai and in cities around the world today, it is also an eco-friendly adventure that people love simply because of the fact it is environmentally friendly.

Ziplining isn’t only packed with breathtaking fun, it’s also a learning experience that helps teach teamwork and build self confidence. Imagine being propelled across a beautiful forest canopy by gravity, as you fly like a bird high in the sky. For some, the experience is a dream come true, one thing to mark off of their “bucket list.” Today, across the U.S. alone there are more than 150 zip line courses, according to the Association of Challenge Course Technology.

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