Why Ziplining in Kauai is SO Exciting

by admin on December 21, 2015

ziplining in kauai

For hundreds (or even perhaps thousands) of years, people have dreamed of flying through the air on their own power, like a bird. It’s hard to imagine the freedom and exhilaration, isn’t it? As humans, we simply cannot “fly through the air with the greatest of ease,” but we can enjoy ziplining in Kauai!

Most people who aren’t trapeze artists or who don’t participate in base jumping or skydiving simply can’t imagine the feeling. Even thinking about jumping from an airplane that’s thousands of feet up in the air can give you the shivers. Still, we all want to know what it would feel like to soar through the air – it’s something we imagine, even dream about. Riding a zipline at 85+ feet above the ground is the closest most people get to actually flying, and it’s a wonderfully exciting experience!

You may have traveled via airplane on countless occasions; maybe you’ve even taken a helicopter tour of the islands in Hawaii. While all of that’s certainly fun (sometimes, unless you run into a thunderstorm or lots of turbulence), it’s just not the same as soaring through the air without thousands of pounds of steel or metal surrounding you. Our Kauai zipline tours are filled with fun, adventure, even a little fear for those who have never done it before. Imagine zipping down a cable high above the trees, your own weight and gravity propelling you through the air! There’s really nothing else in the world quite like it, one reason ziplining has become such a popular activity around the world.

Unless you’re a REAL daredevil who isn’t afraid to jump out of an airplane thousands of feet above the earth’s surface, ziplining is probably the closest you’ll ever come to actually flying through the air. It’s an indescribable experience, for sure! Not only do you enjoy the feeling of soaring above the treetops high above the ground, the scenery that surrounds you is breathtaking. At Just Live!, our zipline tours in Kauai are second to none. Even if you’ve taken tours in other states or countries, ours is an experience like no other. Come see us today, and find out why this is such an exciting and exhilarating experience!

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