You’ll Love Our Zipline Eco-Adventure in Kauai!

by admin on February 26, 2016

zipline eco-adventure in kauai

Many people are adventurous, not afraid to try pretty much anything at least once – a daredevil, shall we say? Maybe you’ve gone scuba diving, climbed the highest mountains, or even jumped out of an airplane. If you love anything that gets your adrenaline pumping, you’ll really enjoy our Zipline Eco-Adventure in Kauai!

Whether you’re visiting the island on vacation or live in the area, there’s nothing quite like seeing your surroundings from a different viewpoint while soaring above the trees. On our longest tour, you’ll enjoy not only riding three ziplines with two sky bridges, you’ll also get to experience our 100 foot rappelling tower, monster swing, and more! Part challenge, part adventure, but all packed with fun.

Our 60′ monster swing offers an awesome drop – you know that experience you get when you top a hill fast and your stomach seems to drop out, left behind in the distance? That’s nothing compared to what you’ll experience with the monster swing. Our 100′ rappel is no walk in the park either, but it offers the most amazing views of the surrounding forest and mountain scenery. If adventure and diving into a challenge you’ve never experienced before describes you, you definitely don’t want to miss this four-plus hours of magic!

Of course our amazing zipline tours are what attract people the most – after all, what’s more fun than speeding down a cable atop the most gorgeous landscape at 80′ or 100′ above the ground? This is the closest most people ever get to feeling like Superman – and it’s so much fun, you’ll be disappointed when the tour comes to an end.

If you love nothing better than a little adrenalin-pumping, fear inducing adventure, come check out our Kauai zipline tours and the Zipline Eco-Adventure in particular! At Just Live!, you can count on a great time and heart-pounding adventure.

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