Youth and School Services


Just Live, Inc. is committed to helping youth become
valuable members of their schools and communities. There is
always a critical need for positive, innovative and effective approaches is shaping tomorrowʼs leaders.

Just Live! is exactly that…
Positive, Innovative and Effective!

Our programs utilize Adventure Based Learning methods where the objective is to learn through direct experience and focused reflection. Participants engage in a variety of fun and adventurous activities that tap into and exercise critical thinking skills.

All Just Live! programs are carefully designed to meet the unique needs and goals of each group.

Engage in exciting and rewarding activities such as:

*The Wild Woozy *Shark Infested Waters
*Whale Watch *Tension Traverse
*Mohawk Walk *Bottoms Up!
*60ʼ Climbing Wall *Jungle Vines
*Monster Swing *Burma Loops Bridge
*and much, much more!

Programs provide opportunities for valued participants to develop and improve in skills such as:

*Collaboration *Positive Communication
*Problem Solving *Decision Making
*Trust Building

Positive growth and development of these skills occur naturally as group participants engage in program activities and reflect on their experience through guided discussion from dynamic Just Live! facilitators. Our program leaders and facilitators create a safe, fun and effective environment for
participants to focus on:

  • Group Collaboration Toward Common Goals
  • Differentiating between Effective & Ineffective Communication
  • Building Trust, Respect, and Mutual Support
  • Promoting Positive Growth & Development
  • Boosting Creativity & Morale
  • Breaking Through Barriers

Our highly trained facilitators help each learner make important connections between their program experience and ʻreal lifeʼ. Our services are very dynamic and interactive and can keep the attention of even the most energetic youth.

Who can benefit from our Youth & School Adventure
Learning Programs?

*Elementary, Middle and
High Schools
*Private Schools
*Sports Teams *Community Groups & Organizations
*Teachers & Educators *School Clubs
*Drug Prevention & Treatment Programs *Camps
*Government Agencies *Anyone that works with youth and/or community


“The facilitators were professional, yet casual, in that they were easy to communicate with. They made us feel safe and that was important to us to take risks. We debriefed back in class and all the children had ways in which they were going to use this experience in their everyday lives.”
– D. Chao, Teacher, Island School, Kauai
“10 out of 10. Your energy, time, and professionalism were wonderful to share. I believe that your attention, organization, encouragement, and professionalism really made the difference at encouraging our best performances. Thank you again!”
– S. Funtanilla, Independent Living Specialist, Child & Family Service
“Thank you for being so understanding and flexible with the teens. It is your total involvement and energy throughout the program that enhance its quality results.”
– P. Fill, Youth Education, Waimea YMCA
“10 out of 10. Your ʻJust Liveʼ program was simply ~The Most Awesome & Awe-inspiring~ experience that weʼve ever done. Most professional and effective facilitators. I especially am impressed with your reassurance of the SAFETY issues. Your teambuilding program has definitely left a positive impact on all my Girl Scouts and adult leaders as well. Keep up the GREAT work!!”
– Lisa Ann, Kauai Girl Scouts
“The design of the day was custom and everyone enjoyed themselves! (On a scale of 1 to 10) Professionalism = 10 Effectiveness = 10 Quality = 10″
– Leila Nitta, Vice Principal, Kapaa Elementary School
“10 out of 10. Thank you on behalf of our entire team for working with us and moving us to a new level.”
– Brian Charnigo, Special Education Dept. Head, Waimea High School
“9 out of 10. Everything about it was great. Overall an awesome experience!”
– Todd Harrison, Vice Principal, Kapaa High School
“10 out of 10. Absolutely. You were very patient and understanding with our students. I can always refer the students back to what they learned because they experienced the learning rather than just ʻheardʼ about it. Keep up the good work with the youth of Kauai.”
– Haunani Seward, Ke Kumu Alakaʼi, Kekaha Hawaiian Immersions School
“I donʼt know how to thank you enough for a perfect way to end our stay on Kauai and to get started on our upcoming season. We look forward to coming over to try the rest of your course next year. Aloha and Mahalo!”
– Jonathan Hermosura, Head Coach, Mary Knoll High School, Girls Varsity Volleyball
“The best thing about our trip was the Just Live Ropes course. That was the highlight for the girls.”
– Susan Lillie, Head Coach, Murrieta Valley Girls Varsity Volleyball