Zip Lining In Kauai – And Why Backyard Zip Lines Aren’t Recommended

by admin on November 2, 2017

zip lining in kauai

While our Kauai zip line tours are among the safest in the country and vigorously maintained to ensure fun, adventure, and safety for our guests; the same cannot be said for backyard ziplines. While it may sound like a great idea, you can read the newspapers or speak with an injury lawyer to get a true (and maybe even shocking) understanding of why it just isn’t a smart thing to do.

To be honest, there are probably far more backyard ziplines families have enjoyed and that haven’t resulted in injuries than those that have, however, it’s always best to be on the safe side. Why? The injuries people incur from these ziplines are often catastrophic. While closed head injuries and concussions are less frequent injuries, it isn’t unusual to experience strains, sprains, and bruises – but the most common injury of all is broken bones.

Many of the accidents with backyard ziplines can be attributed to the fact that homeowners fail to install them correctly and follow directions. Imagine a zipline installed above a concrete patio, swimming pool, or even hard dirt – it can be disastrous. In addition, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the cost of injuries that may occur on one of these “do-it-yourself” zip lines – another factor that may make you rethink your decision.

The best thing to do is avoid these “injury traps” in your own backyard, and, instead, stick with the commercial ziplines that are regulated and adhere to strict safety standards. At Just Live, our Kauai zipline tour facility operates under The Association for Challenge Course Technology – and our leaders are highly trained and certified. We use only the most solid, trustworthy gear and equipment, and can proudly say we have a perfect safety record that spans 14 years, since our facility’s opening in 2003!

If you have a backyard zipline, please be sure it’s properly installed and be careful. If you’re looking for something far more adventurous and challenging, consider zip lining in Kauai! Riding a zipline is one thing – but doing it in the midst of the breathtaking surroundings in Hawaii is something else.

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