Zipline Tours In Kauai And Some Other Thrilling Ones!

by admin on February 3, 2017

zipline tours in kauai

When you’re visiting Hawaii, you’ll definitely want to take one of our zipline tours in Kauai. While they’re certainly exciting and will get your adrenalin pumping, ours are not the “scare your pants off” variety found at many other facilities, for those who love nothing better than a somewhat frightening thrill.

Our Kauai zipline tours are designed in a way that allows the entire family to have a great time and experience the beautiful landscape that surrounds. It’s super fun zipping from one aerial platform to the next, and crossing the canopy bridges! Most people find soaring above the treetops to be plenty exciting. What about some of those that are best left to the real daredevils?

El Monstruo, or “The Monster,” is a zip line in Puerto Rico that takes riders 1,200 feet up in the air, soaring to speeds of 90 mph. How’s that for high flying?

Icy Strait Point, Alaska is where you’ll find ziplines that allow six people to race down a 5,495 foot course while descending 1,320 feet, without the aid of training, equipment, or even helmets – yikes!

In South Africa the Zip 2000‘s flight is described as “harrowing”, as riders lay flat in tandem beneath a trolley, strapped into two harnesses while flying through the air for more than a mile at speeds that are said to have reached 114 mph. A great choice if super-high speed is your thing!

Kathmandu, Nepal is where you’ll find the Zipflyer, where riders soar at speeds above 70 mph over a 5,905 foot long course that includes a heart-stopping 2,000 foot vertical drop. Not for the faint of heart! Fun for thrill-seekers, certainly.

These are just a few examples of some of the ziplines around the world today that could rattle even a seasoned rider’s nerves! Which ones you choose depends on experience, how much of a challenge you like, and of course whether you’re someone who’s a little daring and ready to take on the unknown.

If you’re visiting the island, be sure to bring your family and friends to Just Live! where you’ll find Kauai’s only treetop-based zipline along with all sorts of other fun and exciting challenges and adventures!

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