Ziplining and Camping in Kauai – a Match Made in Heaven

by admin on February 12, 2016

camping in kauai

Most people who enjoy ziplining are avid outdoor enthusiasts – which means you probably love camping, too. Where better to enjoy a “nature” vacation, camping, and all that goes with it than in Kauai, one location in the U.S. that offers perfect weather nearly year-round?

Camping in Kauai is the ideal vacation for many families, who just want to enjoy nature and get away from all of the “connections” of the modern world today. Cell phones, computers, tablets, work, it seems like today, it’s almost impossible to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. That’s where ziplining and camping in the beautiful, tropical surroundings of Hawaii come in. When you’ve had enough fishing, snorkeling, skiing, or boating for a few days, take a day to enjoy our magnificent zipline tours, where you can really see your surroundings from a different view point.

Certainly the landscape is breathtaking from the ground, but what about from high above as you soar above the trees? There are really no words to describe the experience, but we’ll give it a shot. Fun, adventurous, thrilling, exhilarating, adrenalin-pumping, maybe even a bit frightening (but in a fun way) for first-timers. After you’ve enjoyed one of our zipline tours, you can get back to camp where you can relax, unwind, and think about how much of a blast it was!

Speaking of camping, Just Live! is the island’s most popular supplier of any supplies you may have left behind, or those you decide you need while your camping with family or friends. Maybe you’re a minimalist who’s come to enjoy a little time all by yourself. From beach sheets and sleep sacks to backpacks, camping stoves, tent stakes, knives and tools to tents, our store has everything you need to make your stay convenient and comfortable.

If you’ve traveled to Kauai to enjoy a week of camping, be sure to come by and experience one of our amazing zipline tours; if you’ve forgotten anything or are just curious about all of the high quality brands we offer in hiking gear and camping supplies, come by our store! At Just Live! we have everything you could possibly need for camping – and we also believe ziplining and camping are a match made in Heaven. Come see for yourself!

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