Ziplining in Kauai for the First Time? Tips for Beginners

by admin on January 16, 2015

ziplining in kauai

At Just Live!, we know that the thought of sailing through the air on a cable can be intimidating for some, especially first-timers who have never experienced the fun and excitement before. Ziplining is an incredible experience, but it is important to be safe and dress appropriately. If you’re coming to Kauai or live in the area and intend to zipline for the first time, we have a few tips that will make you feel better about your coming “excellent adventure.”

First of all, pay attention to the instructions your guide gives to your group. Our trained guides will explain the entire process, from properly grabbing the harness to preparing for a safe landing. As Judge Judy would say, “Put on your listening ears!” Listening carefully to your guide is essential.

Dress for the occasion. When you’re ziplining in Kauai, it’s a time to focus on fun and adventure, not what you look like. No one cares that you have an incredible pedi, so wear sneakers. Basically, the appropriate apparel for ziplining is form fitting and not loose, so avoid skirts, dresses, billowy tops, etc. A t-shirt and shorts that fit well are the perfect attire.

Ask questions. Even though our guides will cover everything with you, if you have any questions at all speak up! By having your questions answered, you will feel better and enjoy the experience more. If you simply didn’t hear what the guide said, ask him/her to please repeat it.

Have a great time! Most of all, have fun. While you may be a bit fearful the first time, once you get started you will see that the feeling is amazing, exhilarating, and just plain fun – in fact, it may be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life!

At Just Live!, we do our best to make the ziplining experience one that’s fun and exciting for beginners. Come see what all the fuss is about! Ziplining is one of those things that’s addictive; once you do it, you’ll want to do it again and again.

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