Start The New Year On A ‘High’ Note By Ziplining In Kauai!

by admin on December 30, 2016

ziplining in kauai

The holidays are (nearly) over, which can be a huge relief or a big letdown depending on how you look at it. Beginning a new year can seem a bit dull and boring after all the New Year’s celebrations are over with – after all, it’s a long time until the next holiday, and back to work as usual for many folks. What a drag – unless you choose to start 2017 on a ‘high’ note by ziplining in Kauai!

Maybe your family has decided to get away after the holidays, enjoying a relaxing vacation in Hawaii. Warm weather, tropical breezes – it’s a far cry from the snow, rain, and cold temperatures around many regions! A tropical vacation may be just what the doctor ordered, following the hectic and rushed holidays. Relax on the beach, camp, hike the spectacular landscapes, browse the unique shops, experience new food, and if you’re up for it, take a zipline tour.

If you’re someone who has taken one or more zipline tours in the past, you know how exciting it is. If you’ve never ziplined, you can’t possibly know the adrenalin rush and fun you’re missing out on. Either way, it’s an adventure that will start the new year out in a way that’s exhilarating and thrilling! Soaring above the treetops as you zip from one platform to another is a feeling that’s almost impossible to describe, and the nearest you’ll ever come to flying as free as a bird. Riding in a helicopter or in an airplane doesn’t even come close, considering you’re enclosed. Imagine your hair whipping in the wind and the feeling of the tropical air on your skin! It’s nothing short of amazing.

If your family is planning a vacation in early 2017, why not start the year out in a way that’s exciting? At Just Live! we offer a variety of zipline tours in Kauai designed for every person and every level, whether you’re new to what has become one of the most popular adventures in the world or an old pro. Book your tour today, or give us a call to learn more!

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