Ziplining in Kauai – Ever Wondered How a Zipline Works?

by admin on May 26, 2015

ziplining in kauai

If you’re vacationing in Hawaii this summer, you may be considering ziplining in Kauai, or on one of our other beautiful islands. No matter your destination, you may be curious as to how ziplining actually works. Actually, the process is very simple, one we’ll explain below.

The first necessity for a zipline that works as it should is a significant slope. A good slope provides the gravitational pull on the weight of the individual riding a zipline, which in effect causes the person riding to slide in a downward direction toward the destination. Depending on the company providing the zipline tour, it may begin in the treetops at the top of a hill/mountain and end at the bottom of the hill/mountain, or even at the top of a building that slopes down to a lower, adjacent building. Naturally, the more steep the slope, the faster your experience will be.

The “line” that supports you while ziplining is actually a very strong rope or cable. The cable is attached at both ends of the slope, the higher and lower points. Gravitational force propels the rider from the highest point to the lowest point of the rope or cable, going at various speeds depending on the degree of the slope.

While the slope is the power of a zipline tour and the cable or rope the means, a pulley is the mechanism that makes it possible to enjoy the tour. The pulley is typically covered with a heavy-duty plastic case which is attached to a pair of handles, which are beneath the rope or cable. The pulley handles are what you actually hold on to as you glide down the cable and gravity pulls you down the slope. While we don’t want to get too “scientific” here, the gravity uses the weight of your body to pull it down the slope, which makes the pulley turn on the rope, moving the handles. The handles hold you as you enjoy your zipline tour.

At Just Live!, we offer more than most other zipline tours in the state! As the only treetop based tour on the island, our tours aren’t just a few feet off the ground – soar to 80 feet above the ground or even higher, and feel the exhilaration! Our Kauai zipline tours are exciting, adventurous, and filled with fun. Come see for yourself!

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