Ziplining in Kauai is GREAT for Your Health!

by admin on November 9, 2015

ziplining in kauai

While anyone who has ever ridden a zipline knows it fun, challenging, and a great adventure, you may not realize the health benefits associated with ziplining not only in Kauai, but anywhere.

Riding a zipline, if you’ve never done it before, is more than simply being harnessed up and riding down a cable. Some of the health benefits include stress reduction, burning calories, taking in fresh air, building more solid relationships, a sense of accomplishment, and increased self-esteem. Here’s a little more info about the wonderful health advantages of taking a zipline tour.

Anything you do outside is good for you because you enjoy the fresh air. Most people are cooped up with indoor jobs, and some rarely get out into the wide open air that cleanses toxins from the respiratory system, and helps protect you from illness. Studies have shown that outdoor air reduces illness and death related to respiratory diseases, substantially.

Today our society is one filled with stress – we’re always in a rush, and have more things to do than we can fit within our time schedules. Participating in an outdoor activity such as ziplining helps eliminate stress, at least for a few hours as you cannot focus on stressful situations in your life and the fun adventure you are experiencing at the same time. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, a challenging, exciting experience. Nothing better for relieving stress!

Most people may not view a zipline tour as a way to build stronger relationships, but it does, particularly among co-workers who need to work as a team in order to achieve the company’s goals. Having support from team members and overcoming fears and doubts together has an amazing impact on relationships not only between co-workers, but family members as well.

Ziplining is certainly challenging, and for some even frightening. Once you’ve ridden a zipline and realize that you made it through, it can give you an amazing sense of accomplishment. One more thing to mark off of your bucket list, and for many a life-changing experience that helps you face challenging or frightening situations in the future.

Burn those calories you consumed! Not only does ziplining help lower your blood pressure, it also helps burn a substantial amount of calories as you hike up to the point where you take off on your adventure. Ziplining burns fat, and is an amazing cardiovascular exercise.

Quench your curiosity. Most people are at least a little curious about ziplines, and how easy or difficult it may be. Experiencing the great outdoors and taking in the scenery is great for creating an element of excitement and balance in your life. When you push yourself to do something new and challenging, it’s a great health booster.

At Just Live!, our Kauai eco-based zipline tours offer all of the health benefits, fun, adventure, and challenge you could ever want. Whether you live in the area or are visiting for the holidays or on vacation, come see what ziplining in Kauai is all about!

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