Ziplining in Kauai – How to Zipline Like a Pro!

by admin on September 7, 2015

ziplining in kauai

If you’ve never rode a zipline in Kauai – or anywhere else for that matter – you may be a little apprehensive, nervous, even scared out of your wits. No worries, it really is a fun and safe experience! We’ve been in the business for about a dozen years, and know that for first-timers, it can be nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect! Never fear, we’re going to share some information below that will help calm your nerves and ease your worries.

First and foremost, listen to your guides. Safety is our top priority, and our eco-based zipline tours operate under the standards set forth by The Association for Challenge Course Technology, or ACCT. Our guides are trained extensively, and participate in continued training in physical safety, rescues, emergency lowers, program facilitation, and much more. Our guides will provide you with all of the information you need to know – all you need to do is listen carefully!

Next, get your nerve up and step off the platform. That’s all it takes! Ziplining truly is easy, and the only way to really curb your fears is to just do it. By the time you’re ready to step off the platform and go, you’ll have all the training our guides provide and realize how sturdy our gear is, that we inspect every aspect of the courses daily, and that you are locked in tight. No safety concerns at all, so you’re ready to go!

Wonder how you’ll come to a stop? Stopping requires little effort, as you’ll be coming back up slightly so you will naturally slow down so that you can land on the next platform. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to slow down when you want to, simply touch the zipline. The pressure slows you down, and because you will be wearing gloves you don’t have to worry about injuries. With most zipline tours, you start out with the easy stuff, then move on to those that are more exciting – although they are just as easy, as you will soon find out.

The fact is, once you get over the initial fear you’ll have a great time and enjoy a longer ride with breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape. Once it’s over, you’ll realize that it’s exhilarating and exciting, not anything to be worried or stressed about at all!

At Just Live!, our eco-based zipline tours are a great way to spend a half a day for those looking for excitement, fun, and adventure. Whether it’s your first time ziplining in Kauai or you’ve ridden a dozen ziplines over the years, you will find our courses far surpass all the rest! Come see us today.

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