Excitement And Adventure Awaits With Kauai Youth Programs

by admin on August 22, 2014

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At Just Live! we do offer the most exhilarating and exciting zipline tours in Kauai, but we go a step further – we are highly dedicated to helping students both young and old develop a positive mindset and critical thinking skills, as we believe that a challenge not only does both, but helps individuals build trust in others as well. We have a variety of Kauai Youth Programs that are meant to do just that.

At Just Live! we offer programs that make it possible for youth to learn through adventure. What better way to learn than through hands-on experience, and decision making challenges with other like-minded individuals? With other group participants, every individual will become an improved problem solver and decision maker; participants also build upon communication skills, and will be more effective at collaborating with others.

While the names of the activities designed for school and youth services may sound a bit bizarre, they all have their purposes and rewards. Some of these activities include Tension Traverse, The Wild Woozy, Bottoms Up! and the Mohawk Walk. Sound interesting? Whether your group is a school club, sports team, drug treatment or prevention program, or a community organization, basically any individual who works with the community or with youth will benefit from these amazing “adventure” learning programs. We also design each adventure program with the unique needs of each group in mind, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

How do our adventure programs build trust and help group members collaborate with others? Here’s one example.

With the Wild Woozy activity, members of the group work in pairs with the remainder of the team working as “spotters.” As you and your partner each work your way down two separate cables that hang about two feet above the ground, you hold hands. Sounds easy, right? The challenge comes as the two cables become farther and farther apart the longer you go. Fun!

All of the challenges are fun, some moderately easy, some extremely difficult. What better way to improve critical thinking, trust, and basically “people” skills than in a way that’s fun, exciting, even a little intimidating?

At Just Live! we encourage everyone who loves a great adventure to come see us. Whether you’re a youth group, a family, or couple who simply wants to engage in the most exciting zipline tours ever, this will be one occasion you will never forget!

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