Looking For Adventure? Fly High By Taking A Kauai Zipline Tour

by admin on August 11, 2017

kauai zipline tour

Imagine flying through the sky; we’ve all thought about what it would be like if we could fly like a bird! Maybe you’ve engaged in base jumping, bungee jumping, or some other activity, to give you that “free as a bird” feeling – but nothing compares to a Kauai zipline tour! While you do get to fly high and have the time of your life, it’s also about involving yourself in an adventure that’s eco-friendly and enhances positive development.

When you ride a zip line and get to the end, you can’t help but have that “can do” positive attitude. Many great adventures in life are about building your own confidence and enjoying a greater sense of accomplishment, overcoming challenges and conquering fears. You can do all of these things by taking one of our amazing zipline tours!

Depending on whether you’re a beginner, your strength and endurance level, or how daring you are, we have three adventures to choose from: The Wikiwiki (quick) tour, Zipline Treetop Tour, and Zipline Eco-Adventure. Have a couple of hours free in the morning? The quick tour may be just right for your schedule, and you’ll enjoy three ziplines and two canopy bridges. Have several hours? The Eco-Adventure takes about 4 1/2 hours from check-in, and includes not only spectacular ziplines but a monster swing, rock wall, rappelling, and other fun challenges.

Who doesn’t want to feel as free-spirited as a bird, even if it’s just for a while? What’s so great about zip lining is that even once the experience is over, the excitement and adrenalin rush lingers. Because it’s so much fun and the landscape surrounding our facility is so beautiful, it’s a great way for those who are a bit fearful of heights to conquer those fears!

At Just Live, we make it possible to fly high! If you’re headed toward the island for vacation, visiting family, or even live on Kauai, give yourself the gift of exhilarating flight. It’s something everyone should do at least once in their life! Spoiler alert – it could be addictive!

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