The Benefits Of Outdoor Adventure for Youth

by admin on May 13, 2016

outdoor adventures for youth

Although Just Live! is widely known as the best ziplining facility in Kauai, we also offer outdoor adventure for youth and schools. Many people aren’t aware of all of the benefits of participating in outdoor adventures for young people and school-age children. The fact is, these types of challenges not only help younger people learn more about themselves and what they are capable of, they also build self-esteem, help children learn how to work together as a team, and build trust among one another.

Challenging outdoor activities, including our 60′ climbing wall, tension traverse, jungle vines, and Mohawk walk, help develop and improve problem solving and decision making skills, collaboration, communication, and much more! Many adventures require teamwork and building healthy relationships with others – relationships in which youth learn they can trust the other kids to “have their backs” in situations that may seem challenging or intimidating. When a child learns he or she CAN accomplish something that seems a bit frightening and overcome doubts about his or her own abilities, it’s a wonderful thing and a life experience that will carry on into the future.

Our youth need programs to help them learn to trust others, follow instructions, become better communicators, work as part of a team, and become an overall more confident person. Challenging adventures are not only fun, they teach self-reliance, build self-esteem, and reveal how rewarding it can be to face what may seem like obstacles head-on with the help of others.

At Just Live! our youth and school adventure learning programs are guided by our highly trained facilitators who help young people make vital connections between their adventure and real life experiences. We cater to sports teams, camps, private schools, school clubs, all school age kids from elementary through high school, drug treatment & prevention programs, and more. From the monster swing to Burma loops bridge and the wild woozy, our adventures are not only educational and designed to meet the special needs of your group, but loaded with fun!

Whether you’re interested in our adventure based learning for youth and schools or ready to experience one of our zipline tours in Kauai, give us a call today.

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