Ziplining as a Group in Kauai is a Rewarding Experience

by admin on November 14, 2015


Ziplining has become a highly popular adventure over the past few years; in fact, you can find zipline tours in almost every state, and even other countries. One of the great things about ziplining in Kauai (or anywhere, for that matter) is that it’s a rewarding experience, and great for team building and creating memories.

Whether your group consists of people from your church, school, your place of employment, or even friends and family members, the more people involved the more fun you will have!

Many people who attend church together or who work for the same company know each other, but don’t really KNOW each other. Imagine the conversation as your group is waiting your turn to hook up and enjoy the ride of a lifetime. This is truly a time when you can really get to know each other better as you talk about your fears, how much fun it will be, or even discuss past ziplining adventures.

Team building is one reason many businesses, schools, and churches choose to go on a zipline adventure. This is an activity that allows each member to provide others support, and to increase confidence. Ziplining gives everyone in your group a great sense of pride and accomplishment – important in team building. In addition, think of all of the great memories you’ll be creating, memories you’ll talk about years from now!

At Just Live!, team building and working together as a group involves more than taking one of our zipline tours. We offer a wide array of challenge courses designed to solve structured challenges and help groups work together, including the Tension Traverse, Trust Fall, 60′ Monster Swing, 35′ Jungle Circuit, and other activities that range from 0′ to 5′ off the ground to 30′ to 100′ off the ground depending on level of difficulty from easy/moderate to moderate/difficult to difficult. There’s truly something for everyone, and members of your group will have a great time joining in the fun, fear, challenge, and excitement!

While it’s fun to zipline with a couple of close friends, experiencing this exhilarating, fun-filled challenge with an entire group of people is awesome. If your church, school, or business is in Kauai or your group intends to travel to our wonderful island, be sure to put ziplining on your list!

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