Ziplining In Kauai – The Perfect Activity For Team Building

by admin on September 9, 2016

ziplining in kauai

Sure ziplining is fun, challenging, and filled with adventure. What many companies and associations don’t realize is that ziplining in Kauai is also ideal for team building! In the workplace, it isn’t unusual for employees or even those in management to become complacent, tense, or bored. Sometimes morale suffers, and you dread going to work. Every company or group has its ups and downs; it’s a natural part of life! Sometimes, a change of pace is all that’s needed to get everyone motivated, excited, and communicating with one another again – and ziplining can be a great exercise for team building.

Team building activities may sound silly to you, but getting co-workers out of their regular working environment and into a completely different atmosphere can work like magic. Whether working on a line in a factory, standing behind a cash register all day, or working in a tiny cubicle in an office environment, any job can lead to boredom and burn-out. In many cases, taking a zipline tour together as a team can make a significant difference!

As humans, a change in routine is important on occasion. When you engage in something that’s fun, exciting, and adventurous, it frees your mind from the looming deadlines, schedules, and mundane tasks you seem to face every day. Our team building activities include much more than simply riding a zipline from one platform to another. What makes any team building exercise successful are the challenges or obstacles you face along the way, and working together to overcome them.

No need to have a team of athletes; with activities ranging from simple to difficult, everyone can participate and learn the importance of trusting and relying on others to help. Our Kauai zipline tours provide various challenges that help you understand how important it is to collaborate and work together as one to reach the desired goal.

At Just Live!, it’s much more than riding a zipline. Some of our activities include the 60′ rock climbing wall; the 100′ rappelling tower; shark infested waters; the TP shuffle which involves shuffling challenges on a beam; and much more. Set goals, build confidence, and become excited about being part of a team! When it comes to team building, working together has never been so much fun.

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