Ziplining In Kauai – Did You Know There Are Health Benefits?

by admin on December 9, 2016

ziplining in kauai

Did you know that taking a zipline tour in Kauai provides some amazing health benefits? Most people who have ridden a zipline know how much fun it is, but it’s more than flying through the air like Tarzan – or Jane. If you’re not aware of the other advantages, we’ll enlighten you below!

Ziplining in Kauai lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Yes, it’s a heart-healthy activity! Simply engaging in a zipline tour reduces blood pressure, and everyone knows high blood pressure contributes to heart disease, stroke, even diabetes. The fact that you’re vacationing in Kauai has probably already taken your stress down a few notches, however when you soar high above the treetops you get taken in by the forests, mountains, the nature that surrounds you. This means you’re NOT focusing on other issues that stress you out.

Breathe in the fresh air. How much fresh air do you get sitting inside your home or office? Not much. Getting fresh air boosts your immune system and helps cleanse your respiratory system of toxins.

The adrenalin rush will inspire you to engage in other activities that may be intimidating or challenging. In a health conscious society, more people are participating in activities that make their adrenalin surge. There’s certainly nothing that gets the adrenaline flowing like taking the plunge off the platform as you begin your journey through the air! It’s good for you psychologically, and may give you that boost of confidence you need for other challenges.

Ziplining is a natural boost for your self-esteem. What would make you feel more accomplished or proud of yourself than taking that step and participating in any (or all) of our zipline tours? This is especially true for those who may fear heights or have other fears they want to address; it proves you can do it! Riding a zipline is also good for establishing stronger bonds in your relationships, as you support one another in your efforts and share a life experience you’ll remember forever.

Who knew there were so many health benefits of ziplining?

If you’re vacationing in Kauai in the near future, be sure to take one of our amazing zipline tours! Not only is it super fun and exciting, it’s good for your health. Visit us at Just Live! for the time of your life.

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