Summer Break In Kauai Means Taking A Zipline Tour!

by admin on May 19, 2017

summer break in kauai

School will be out for summer break in Kauai, and students will be celebrating! Time to relax, enjoy time with friends, and just hang out. While June 21st is the official start of summer, it’s warm and tropical almost any time of the year in Kauai! What better way to celebrate the end of the school season than by taking a zipline tour with a few of your “besties”? It’s an adventure like no other, and one filled with laughter, screams, and fun.

Unfortunately, lots of kids spend too much time indoors watching television or playing video games. These days it seems like teens (and we have to say adults, too) are always on their phones, whether texting, checking out social media, or playing games. It’s time to get physical and do something exciting – and nothing can compare to the thrill and excitement you’ll experience by ziplining in Kauai! Get together with five or six of your closest friends, and be ready for the ride of your life.

Maybe you’re the type who loves a good thrill or challenge, or perhaps you’re someone who’s a bit afraid of heights. Either way, taking a zip line tour is a win-win. Those who love to get the adrenalin pumping will no doubt get the thrill they’re looking for, while those who aren’t too fond of heights will find this is the perfect activity for finally conquering that fear. With trained, professional guides who provide instruction and help you every step of the way, there’s really nothing at all to be afraid of – and an exciting adventure awaits, one you’ll laugh and share stories about for years to come!

Taking a zipline tour with your closest friends is a great way to stay connected over summer break – and we mean connected in the physical, “let’s do something together” way, not digitally connected. Summer is a time to get out, get active, bring along your friends and have a blast! Imagine zipping along above the treetops from one aerial platform to the next, or even climbing our rock wall or rappelling. When it’s time for some fun and adventure, it’s time to visit Just Live and try out one of our three Kauai zipline tours.

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